About Us

Sophia – proper noun: Derived from the Greek sofos meaning WISDOM


Living up to our name, The Sophia Mag will bring you witty, informative, progressive, intellectual content every month. Our goal is to entertain, educate, make you laugh and make you think, though maybe not all at the same time. We are all about communicating an empowering a positive message and attitude.

We encourage active and lively discussions about our content and articles.


The Sophia Mag is brought to you by:


Margaret “Madge” Madigan


I prefer the title “Benevolent Dictator of Content”. Oh that’s just my snarky humor that gets my ass in so much trouble! Most of my adult life has involved raising 3 wicked cool kids and doing marketing writing. I’ve also written a few books. I was Associate Editor of a local women’s magazine with Barb and thought she was so cool that we could make a cool online mag!


Barb McSpadden

Creative Director/Webmaster/Writer

I’ve spent the better part of my career in marketing and advertising and most recently co-publisher of a local women’s magazine.  Then my friend Madge came up with this cool idea to start an online magazine and well I can never resist a challenge so I jumped onboard.  Excited to see what this next chapter brings.