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Meet Madge Madigan, Editor-in-Chief of The Sophia Mag

Welcome to The Sophia Mag! So glad you would like to get acquainted with Sophia!

So I’m sure you want to know about the people running this online magazine, right? Well, I’m Madge Madigan and I am Editor-in-Chief, I have many years of experience in the publishing world as a writer and an editor. Barb McSpadden, (our Creative and Business Director) and I worked at the same magazine for years. That publication went in a different direction and changed hands, and after that we took time to ourselves to figure out just what in the hell we wanted to be when we grew up.

Dissolve to dreamy flashback… I went to college for Broadcast Production at the University of Maine. Go Black Bears! I worked in the radio and TV industry for about 8 years after college, I had gotten married  somewhere in there and had kids, after a while I felt my time was better spent at home with my children. Fast forward about five years from that, I get divorced. Then my seemingly endless quest to find a career stretched out for about 15 years. I was trying to be self-sufficient and be available to the kids when they got off the bus, etc. while their Dad lived out of state. That ain’t no easy task.

I started writing a blog in about 2005, mainly just to vent and chronicle my comical post-divorce dating life. Along the way, friends urged me to try and make a career of writing. “You’re a good writer!” they told me. At one point I arrived at a time in my life when everything was shitting the bed, I lost my job, my ex-husband disappeared, no child support, no income, and it was the recession of 2008-2009 and I couldn’t get hired to save my life. I got evicted and was living on food stamps. What the hell, why not try writing? So, I wrote a book about surviving and raising kids who are thriving. Thus began my paying writing career.

Fast forward to 2018… My son is a graduate of NYU and my two daughters attend Quinnipiac University and Syracuse University. It’s my time, damnit! Why the hell don’t we start our own magazine with content that we would want to read? Something intelligent, witty, clever, edgy, relevant, hip. I don’t want 30 days to thinner thighs, well I mean I’d like thinner thighs (who wouldn’t?), but that’s not my life’s goal. I don’t want to see clothes on stick figures that won’t fit me. I don’t want recipes, I cooked for my 3 kids for 20 years, I’m over that shit. I want to read about cool stuff, funny stuff, current event stuff, stuff that matters to adults (Ok, like over 30 adults. Let’s face it, you’re still just dickin’ around in your 20’s)

So in the spirit of Sophia, I’m here to share some of the wisdom I’ve garnered along the way, and the wisdom I will gain from gathering info and interviewing interesting people on the journey with Sophia. Join us, won’t you?!

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