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What Dead People Want You to Know…

As a medium, I often get the side eye when I tell people that I talk to dead people. But once the initial shock passes, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “what could dead people possibly have to say?” Surprisingly, or maybe not, our loved ones have a lot to say, if we are willing to listen. And believe me, the dearly departed are yapping all the damn time!

This is not the part of the program where I try to convince you that mediumship is legit. That’s not my job. You get to make that choice. But what I can tell you is that I have experienced, time and time again, connections with spirits that are ready to communicate with their loved ones. And when these connections happen, it can be life changing. Unlike on television, I don’t chase people down the street, telling them that dead people want to talk to them!

We are all souls who are living in this human experience, but we are souls first. I know it can be hard to remember since our bodies tend to make a lot of noise when they want our attention. While our physical, body-vehicle has an expiry date, our souls are made to evolve and keep evolving. So when a soul crosses over, the evolution continues. This is often why spirits can be quite anxious to reconnect with loved ones who are still in the physical.

With the continued evolution, comes a higher level understanding of how their lives were lived. Often, what many of these souls want to convey is recognition of how they would have lived their lives differently had they known what they do now. Seeing the limitations and mis-aligned beliefs from a higher perspective allows for healing to happen between those who have passed and those left behind.

And while it may sound surprising, not all our deceased loved ones want to connect through to the living. Some are not ready, some are afraid that their loved ones won’t want to hear from them and others just need time to continue to do their work and heal even in the non-physical realm. Just because “Aunt Edna” couldn’t stop talking here in the physical doesn’t mean she’s going to be talkative now that she’s passed. For some, that may be a blessing.

But when they want to connect, look out! Often, as I am getting ready to meet with a client for a mediumship reading, the loved ones that the client wants to connect with start to come through. I’ve had experiences where these loved ones would not stop talking to me or trying to get my attention. The energy and excitement is palpable. I even had a case where the deceased wanted to continue to stay with me after the reading was over!

The messages that come through are life changing. I have witnessed healings between sons and mothers, sisters and brothers. I’ve had the opportunity to channel old friends and very young souls, providing a deeper level of understanding around their departures and the depth of the relationship while in the physical. Often ancestors will also come through, people who can provide information that wouldn’t be available from those that are living. Once I was meeting with a client who had recently been treated for breast cancer. During her reading, a great aunt who passed away at a young age came through. She also had had breast cancer. This soul was coming through to let the client know that she was not alone and that she would be ok.

These souls will sometimes find unique ways to show up. During a recent session, the client’s grandfather came through and at the very same time, a trumpet started to play a Louis Armstrong song. Her grandfather’s favorite! We were sitting in a park and while we looked for the trumpet player, we never saw anyone and we never heard it play again after that. The lengths that these souls will go to sometimes to get our attention are magical! And what’s truly amazing about it is that once a client recognizes the ways that a loved one is getting their attention, they can connect with them at any time.

No matter how the connection occurs, dead people have an awful lot to say. All we need to do is listen.


Amy White is a gifted Intuitive & Medium who believes that we are all capable of accessing intuitive knowing to improve our lives, grow in our careers & enhance relationships with ourselves and others. She is a truth-teller, a transformational teacher and light-shower. A once self-proclaimed reluctant Intuitive Medium, Amy now uses these gifts to guide her clients to heal the past, breakthrough challenges, and thrive in their lives. You can find out more about Amy’s work and offerings here: www.amywhite.co

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