Why Women Struggle and How Not To

We live in a world where opportunities are endless and responsibilities can be overwhelming.  Computers, cell phones, family, career and even volunteering along with everything else in between!  Just a decade ago we lacked the ability to be in connection with people instantly and to see what’s happening with people we don’t even know.

On an energetic and intellectual level this can feel amazing to have so many things to explore or pursue.  Unfortunately, it can also be exhausting.

For me, as a credentialed medium, published author and board certified drugless practitioner – I’ve been able to speak to women from all around the globe to give intuitive guidance and support to get unstuck and end the struggle with whatever they’re facing.  Sometimes it’s in the area of relationships, when I started out years ago the key issue was weight, and more recently women are worried about their careers and money.

In my work, I’ve noticed ONE KEY THING.  A pattern if you will, that seems to repeat itself over and over again… Women struggling.  Not knowing what to do.  Wondering how to lose weight.  Wanting to feel better.  Worrying about money. Curious why life seems so difficult and generally just not feeling good.

So I wanted to make life in 2018 easier for you by sharing why we struggle and how not to.  Here we go!


  1.  The Waiting Game–  We wait and as a result we can gain weight.  The time spent waiting begins to weigh us down physically, emotionally, energetically and even spiritually.  And when we don’t take action, the struggle ensues.
  2. The Inability to Ask for Help Mindset-  I think we can all relate to this one easily.  As women, many of us were brought up to believe we just have to do it ourselves.  It’s time to change that way of thinking especially when we can see that others really do want to help and take joy in the giving.
  3. The Confusion or Lack of Clarity Plague–  If you feel plagued or perplexed and can’t seem to make your way then clarity is a BIG issue for you.  But no need to worry because help is here.

It would be cruel to leave you right here only giving you the reasons we as women struggle. So I’m inviting you to take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, relax and turn the corners of your mouth up a little bit.  (SMILE)

Here’s your solution how not to struggle…

Stop waiting.  Ask for help.  Notice when you feel confused.

If the struggle still feels real then there’s one thing you MUST do in order to end your pain and it’s this:


So, if this is you – you feel like you’re waiting,

or you don’t know how to ask for help

or you feel confused and lack clarity

I invite you to stop struggling now by grabbing a Clarity Session with me free.  Just click HERE and you’ll be taken to my scheduling page.

In the meantime, until we speak be sure to breathe, relax and maybe even meditate a few minutes during the day.

And remember to book your Clarity Session HERE.

Mary Jo Briggs is an author, medium, and practitioner specializing in spirituality, health, and yoga. You can find out more about her at maryjobriggs.com.

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